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Politics Rock??
Ever seen a politician form a rock band? Me neither? That's where I (personally) draw the line. I like my rock fun and uninhibited, with no strings attached. Complicating what is looked at as fun rebellious rock; has been reduced to thinking rock...
Karaoke! The Good And The Bad!
Singing loud and proud some good and some not so great. The fact of the matter is that everyone sings, whether it be in the car or shower, we all do it! A true "artist" in the making!
Welcome to the wonderful world where you can either shine or fall flat...
Tattoos And The Workplace
Times sure have changed haven't they? Remember when tattoos were frowned upon, what the hell happened? Now a days tattoos are the norm, strange to say this but running into someone not inked seems very peculiar am I right?
I have always been into tattoos and the history of the art as a story tel…

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