Frankie MacDonald Reveals Halloween Costume
You've perhaps heard the weather reports we occasionally play on the Morning Show from Frankie MacDonald, an amateur meteorologist who lives in Nova Scotia. Frankie is an invaluable resource when the weather turns scary.
Buzz’s Puppies Play in ‘Snow’ for First Time
My German Shepherds, Dean and Jerry, are still under a year old so when it hailed heavily on Tuesday, they had no idea what was happening. Once it was over, though, they decided to play in it, cautiously at first but then they really had a ball. We had enough pebble-sized hail that my yard looked li…
Terrifying Yeti Spotted In Boston Blizzard
Massachusetts is under a travel ban since Monday, due to the massive blizzard causing residents to stay indoors and binge watch shows on Netflix. Now that the roads are empty, a Yeti has been taking to the streets of Boston. That travel ban doesn't apply to Yetis.

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