Researchers Reveal Six Types of Twitter Users
For the past four years, Ben Shneiderman computer scientist at the University of Maryland, has been researching tweets to analyze, "patterns based on the topic being discussed, the information and influencers driving the conversation and the social network structures of the participants&…
Twitter Accounts By Unique Walking Dead Characters
Have you ever wondered what the undead thought about Rick and the gang or what Judith Grimes is think as her dad is having a mental breakdown? There is a Twitter account for that and you should start following them before the premiere on October 13th.
The Best Photos From Mary Carey’s Twitter [PHOTOS]
Mary Carey is one of my favorite adult entertainers. Not only has she done photos, films, and reality TV but she also ran for Governor of the state of California. I admire a woman that likes to try a little of everything.  I can't wait to see Mary in El Paso again. In the mean time here are some HOT…

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