The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Finale Crazy Rumors
Everywhere I go, someone wants to discuss The Walking Dead and what they think is going to happen. Here are a few of the best ones I have heard so far and what I think will happen tomorrow night.
Intern Em’s “Walking Dead” Drinking Game
The Walking Dead is a huge part of our lives now. Don't be afraid to admit it. Sometimes new episodes leave us disappointed and that's when a Walking Dead drinking game is needed. The upcoming episodes of Season 4 are looking pretty promising, but we never know what can happen, so that&apo…
Twitter Accounts By Unique Walking Dead Characters
Have you ever wondered what the undead thought about Rick and the gang or what Judith Grimes is think as her dad is having a mental breakdown? There is a Twitter account for that and you should start following them before the premiere on October 13th.

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