KLAQ’s Website is Now Optimized for your Smart Phone
KLAQ knows you're busy and always on the go. Lucky for you we made our new mobile site compatible with your smart phone. Now you catch up with Buzz and the morning show anytime.Don't miss a single song. Listen live any at time by clicking the red play button on the listen live page...
Infinity Blade — Free App of the Day
When any game drops from six bucks down to free, it usually catches our attention. But when that game is one of the best games ever for iOS, it smacks our attention in the face. Get it while its hot, ladies and gents. Infinity Blade is today's Free App of the Day!
Shadow Warrior — Free App of the Day
The old school first-person shooter enthusiasts here at Arcade Sushi were a bit disappointed when Shadow Warrior dropped on iOS last December. All the uzi shootin' and ninja star throwin' action just didn't feel the same. Something was off. But now we think we know what the problem was. It's wasn't …

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