El Paso Tattoo Parlors: Where Can I Get Inked?
Tattoos were once only gawked at on the bodies of military veterans, musicians and ex-cons. Now, a large majority of working class America is walking around with at least some body art to show that they are one of the cool kids - fully subscribing to popular culture and its legion of uppity hipsters…
Enter the KLAQ “Most Regrettable Tattoo” Removal Contest
A few weeks ago, we held a contest for Texas Showdown tickets. To win, we asked our listeners to send in a photo of their worst tattoo. Boy, were we surprised when we got dozens of really, really bad tattoo photos. Luckily for them, our friends at Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center of El Paso have …
Hot Chicks and Awesome Tats from Texas Showdown Festival
Interns Emily and Eileen went to the Texas Showdown Festival last weekend with two directives for photos; awesome tats and hot chicks. Thankfully for you, they delivered! See the best tat photos from the event and a few chick we wouldn’t mind spilling our ink all over.
AUDIO: MoSho Interview with Tattoo Artist Sarah Miller
This morning, we were visited by the runner up on Season 2 of SpikeTV's "Ink Masters", Sarah Miller.  Sarah is in town for the huge Texas Showdown Festival at the County Coliseum. Listen to the interview posted below, as Sarah answers our questions about her art, her cust…
UV Ink Tattoos: Good or Bad Idea?
I have been hearing mixed reactions about UV ink tattoos. I love the idea of adding some of this ink to tattoos you already have or getting a secret one you will only be able to see with a black light.  What about you?
Texas Showdown Festival Artist Spotlight [PICS]
The Texas Showdown Festival is this weekend at the El Paso County Coliseum. One of the local artist that will attend is Erick Melendez from House Of Pain. He has great style when it comes to tattoos. He is known nationally for his traditional pieces. The portraits he does are also amazing and look r…

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