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Go Backstage On Tour With Stone Sour [VIDEO]
Check out some great videos with Stone Sour behind the scenes and back stage on their current tour with In This Moment. They meet fans, do soundcheck, buy coffee and talk about the road and the studio. And get a load of Josh Rand's kick-ass Flotsam and Jetsam T-shirt!
Go Back Stage and Check Out Stone Sour’s Guitar Gear [VIDEO]
Jim Root and Josh Rand from Stone Sour did an interview with Fret12, giving a cool look at what gear they're using on the road, and how they get their sounds. Guitars players will love this look at the gear, and non-guitar players will just like the humor and cool behind the scenes stuff. Enjoy…
Stone Sour Drummer Roy Mayorga Discusses Recovery from Stroke
Stone Sour are enjoying some of their greatest success to date with the two-part album 'House of Gold & Bones,' and drummer Roy Mayorga is very happy to be part of it. Back in 2011, Mayorga suffered a stroke and there was concern about whether or not he would be able to continue, b…
Stone Sour Officially Name Johny Chow As Touring Bassist
Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand let the beans spill in a recent interview about Cavalera Conspiracy and Soulfly bassist Johny Chow helping the band out with their touring bassist vacancy, but now the band has made an official announcement with Rand telling fans the news via a Facebook posting.

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