15 Gay Sounding Basketball Terms
Celtic center Jason Collins made history today as he became the first active NBA player to come out as gay.  Former player John Ameche came out a couple of years ago, but that was after he had retired from the NBA. Also, he's British, so that hardly counts.  34 year old Collins, however, is still ac…
The Gruesome Sports Injury Support Group [GRUESOME VIDEO!]
Between Kevin Ware's leg snapping like a twig and Sidney Crosby taking pucks in the mouth, it has NOT been a good week for squeamish sports fans. To make matters worse, some media folks have brought up things like Joe Theismann's breaking leg and Clint Malarchuk's severed carotid artery to put the n…
94 Yr Old Man Vs 95 Yr Old Man- Who Ya Got? [Video]
Check out this video in which Emiel Pauwels, a 94-year-old from Belgium, and Ilmari Koppinen, a 95-year-old from Finland, were caught on camera at the 2013 European Veterans Athletics Championships in San Sebastian, Spain, competing in the 60-meter dash.

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