social distortion

Socially Distorting Arizona
Howdy! Remember I mentioned awhile back I was going to see Social Distortion in Arizona and that I would put up a couple of pics when I could? Well, long story short, I finally found my cameras USB cable so here you go!!
Motorcycle Monday – 1/17/11
Here it comes ... Motorcycle Monday!
 Everybody in Phoenix this weekend for Supercross. Including me!  Not for the race though   :(     I was there for Social Distortion.  :)    Mike and company tearing it UUUUP at The Marquee in Phoeni…
Funerals And Road Trips
Howdy!  Double G back again .. couldn't really think of much for this blog, but I did want to give a hearty "hell yeah!!"  to the Arizona biker community. 
The funeral for Christina Green .. the little girl killed in the attack on Congresswoman Giffords…