The Greatest Slayer Cartoon Ever Made – Criminally Insane
Watched this tonight, and the little monster drawn for Tom Araya is my favorite. The look on his face, with the overbite and angry eyes makes me laugh so hard. Although it looks like Lars Ulrich is drumming on this song, with the googly eyes and pierced nipples, this cartoon is awesome...
Metal Masters 4? A Clinic, A Concert, A Jam and A Cool Video
A while back, some music companies got together and wanted to create a unique sort of musician's clinic that got away from the traditional clinic approach of some dude noodling around to some pre-recordings, and put together a killer lineup of drummers, guitarists and bass players to create Metal Ma…
Slayer Are ‘Seven Kick-Ass Songs’ Into New Album
Slayer have been a bunch of busy fellows lately. Drummer Dave Lombardo took to Facebook to issue a progress report and update fans on Slayer’s twelfth studio album, which will be their first since 2009′s ‘World Painted Blood.’ Grab a change of drawers, because it’s goin…
Slayer Hitting Studio in March for New Album
Good news, Slayer fans: Your long wait for new music is almost over. The band has announced plans to head into the studio next month to start laying down tracks for their twelfth studio album, and first since 2009′s ‘World Painted Blood.’

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