Slash Releases Final ‘Apocalyptic Love’ Webisode
Slash’s sophomore solo album, “Apocalyptic Love,” drops May 22 on the guitarist’s own label, Dik Hayd International. The famed six-stringer has been getting fans pumped for the release with a series of killer webisodes, the last of which has just been posted on his official Y…
Slash Admits He Once French-Kissed a Giraffe
Rock ‘n’ roll has acquired a lot of wild mysteries and legends over the years, but during his recent appearance on Australia’s Triple M radio, Slash was forced to address what might be one of the all-time wackiest: the rumor that he once French-kissed a giraffe.
Slash Previews New Song ‘You’re a Lie’
Slash is set to release the first single off his upcoming album to radio on Monday, Feb. 27, but he’s offering a 30-second sneak listen to the tune right now (hear it below). The song, ‘You’re a Lie,’ is the first taste of the guitarist’s second ‘solo’ album…

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