Weird Valentine’s Day Facts For People Who Hate The Holiday
We are a few days away from probably the most hated holiday, Valentine's Day. Tons of flowers are massacred and oompa loompas are working overtime in the chocolate factory, to meet the demand of this lovely day. If you are one of the many Valentine's Day haters, these weird facts might inc…
New Magazine for Virgins Is Smut for the Celibate
Apparently, being a virgin is the “in” thing these days, especially in Japan, where recent studies have found that nearly 70% of 18-19-year-olds, about 40% of 24-year-olds, and just over a quarter of 25-29-year-olds, have not yet had the pleasure of having sex...
Goat Rapist Sentenced to 10-Years in Prison
He’s been a baaaaaaaad, baaaad boy!
That is exactly what one goat from Kenya would have said to a judge last week if she would have been able to talk.
However, regardless of the communication gap between man and beast, prosecutors thought it was a good idea to bring a goat into court on Friday t…
Researchers Say Masturbation Could Save Your Life
Punchin’ the munchkin may have once been believed to cause blindness and insanity, but a new study suggests that masturbation may actually have a fistful of health benefits.
According to researchers from the University of Sydney, wrestling the old bald headed champ is a fun way to war…
Buzz Has Great News About Your Penis!
A survey back in October says that most American men worry about their penis size. Well, good news, because an even newer study says there may not be as much to worry about because P.O.U.Ses (penises of unusual sizes) may be even rarer than you think.

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