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[VIDEO] Taiwanese Animators + Osama bin Laden = Hilarity!
You knew for this story that it wouldn't take those crazy Taiwanese animators at NMA TV long to work something up on Osama bin Laden's assassination by the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team 6 (ironically, the same unit started by recent KLAQ Morning Show visitor Richard Marcinko in the …
[PHOTO(shop)] Osama bin Laden’s Fake Death Picture (NSFW!)
It's graphic. It's photoshopped (zoom in and see the pixel pixies!). But, hey, it's what we got...for now. The main thing, in the words of James Bond:
Even though it's fake, it's still a little graphic for some sensitive tastes so we shall label it: Not Safe For Work! Openin…
Osama bin Laden, the Saudi extremist whose al-Qaida terrorist organization killed more than 3,000 people in coordinated attacks on the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001, is dead following a military operation in Pakistan and the U.S. has recovered his body, U.S. President Barack Obama announced Sunday night.
CNN and FoxNews Reporting Osama Bin Laden Is Dead
Checking CNN.com and this story appears at a little after 9pm:
A senior U.S. official tells CNN Osama bin Laden was killed by the U.S. forces in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. President Obama will address the nation regarding bin Laden's death.
[PHOTO(shop)] Proof That Obama Was Born In Hawaii!
Birthers, stuff it! In response to Buzz's call to prove our Chief Executive's American bonafides, we have definitive proof that President Barack Obama WAS born in Hawaii -- a picture from the delivery room, complete with Hawaiian legends Jack (doctor) Lord, Don (nurse) Ho and Tom (obnoxious uncle) S…