Photographic Evidence The End Is Near!
What happens when the Anti-Christ and Justin Bieber hang out together, a selfie of course. Not a fan of either that's fine but perhaps the universe is trying to tell us something. Marilyn Manson has made it more than clear he is not a fan of the Bieb's wearing his merchandise in publi…
Waiting For The Green Light Can Drive You Insane!
If you're like me waiting for that traffic light to change to green can really damper your mood. Have you ever wondered who is behind that little white camera above the traffic lights? Does this person of no reasoning feel compelled to highlight their day by stopping ours in our tracks...
Who Should Die On The Simpsons
A producer for The Simpsons show announced this week that one of main characters on the show will be killed off in this season of the show. So who should be the lucky character to die?
Is UTEP vs. UTSA the Next Battle of I-10?
Rivalries are a wonderful thing, but it takes two of something to make one; whether you're talking Leonard-Duran, Apple-Google or Army-Navy.
UTEP-New Mexico State? Well...it's an old football rivalry. So old it might need a 9-1-1 call soon; which says one thing if the call goes to the police, but som…

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