Nostradumbass: Porn and Bread Crumbs (audio)
What could porn and bread crumbs possibly have in common? Click the jump to go to the next page to listen to this weeks visit from the all-knowing, the all-seeing Sage from the East...the Great Nostradumbass!
Nostradumbass 5/9/12 [AUDIO]
Hand grenades and hookers, Octomom and the on the jump, below, to hear all about this week's visit from the Great Nostradumbass!
Nostradumbass 4/4/12 (AUDIO)
In case you missed it, here's this weeks visit from the Great Nostradumbass. Click the jump, below, to find out the Question to this Answer: " Dr. Dre and poop".
The Great Nostradumbass (Audio)
There's an old saw that says, "Tragedy + Time=Comedy".
Here is proof that "Tragedy + Time - Time= The Great Nostradumbass"
Click the Jump, below, to hear our latest visit with Nostra...
The Great Nostradumbass-7/1/11 [Audio]
Time for another visit from The Great Nostradumbass.  Let us be amazed as he uses his mystical powers to predict the contents of the envelopes and gives us words of advice.

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