Colts Cheerleaders Shave Their Heads For Coach Pagano
It's always good to read things like this.
Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders Megan M. and Crystal Ann agreed to have their heads shaved during the Colts' 20-13 win over the Buffalo Bills at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday.
They raised over $22,670 for cancer research in …
NFL’s Ref Disaster Gets Funny Taiwanese Animation [Video]
Did you hear that the real NFL refs are back!  They reached a deal with the league last night, and they'll be on the field for tonight's game between the Browns and the Ravens.
But just because the deal was made, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy this video that those crazy Taiwanese animators made abou…
Conan Remembers the NFL Replacement Refs [VIDEO]
Hey, wow, after months and months of getting nowhere with the NFL, looks like the league's referee will be back in uniform for all of this week's games!
Gee, wonder how that happened?
While the refs and the league dot "I's" and cross "T's", we want to take this moment to remember t…

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