Baby Born at NASCAR Track, Receives Free Tickets for Life
In a desperate situation where a man is faced with the decision to either seek out immediate medical attention or watch his pregnant girlfriend give birth in the backseat of his car, the only available option is to -- you guessed it -- pull into a NASCAR Speedway.
Pastor’s Funny Racetrack Prayer Mixed Into Country Song [VIDEO]
Earlier this week we brought you Family Baptist Church Pastor Joe Nelms prayer offered before the Nationwide Series race in Nashville, TN. We should have known that BEFORE THE WEEK WAS OUT somebody would auto-tune his prayer and turn it into a country song. Of COURSE they did!
Hmm...Kinda catchy.
Pastor Joe Nelms with Talladega Nights-Style Pre-Race Prayer [VIDEO]
Many pre-game, pre-race or pre-anything prayers can be somewhat lifeless, long and cliche-ridden affairs. But clearly Pastor Joe Nelms of the Family Baptist Church in Nashville, TN, is a more joyfully honest soul. Either that, or we should call him Pastor Ricky Bobby. How else could you explain his …