Who Inspired You To Pick Up An Instrument?
The best part of finding a positive inspiration is taking that first step to learn more of what got you inspired in the first place. Every musician has their hero that got them interested in music and instrument.
Now whether you are a singer like myself, or you play an instrument someone introduced y…
What Old Bands Should Quit?
Being in a band is kind of like being married. When things don't seem to be adding up and the chemistry is no longer there, a divorce could be in the near future.
This holds true in music as well. There are many bands out their that have changed members and other line up changes...
Man Plays A Tree Like A Record Album
Every tree has an interior set of "rings" that can be used to determine the trees age and also show events the tree has survived. Apparently, they make music too.
Who Is Your Least Favorite Band Or Performer?
Through out the history of entertainment, some bring it and some seem to let it slide. With that being said paying hard earned money on a band or performer to not deliver is inexcusable!
As a rocker I have seen some of the best bands kill it but their singer doesn't...
Rock’s Best Guitar Slinger’s!
Can you believe people actually try and decipher this category? That's like listing the best of the best when there really is no need. People are people and we all rule at something, right?
Now when it comes to genuine authenticity the finger playing that makes this electricity shine bright is r…
Your Ultimate Rock Festival- Who Plays?
So you think you have what it takes to put on a rock festival. It's more attention to detail than you would expect. The first thing is to get the bands booked way ahead of time.
The one thing I would do, I would make my rock festival an all original member show...

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