Thieves Steal Instruments From Local Musicians
It's no secret how much the local music community means to me so, you can imagine how much this pissed me off.  A bunch of musical instruments were stolen on the east side last month and the cops need help finding the thieves.
Ronson Rocks — A Pop Evil Salute to Scott
In honor of Scott Ronson's return, check out our video tribute to the one and only Ronson with music from the band that made his benefit concert possible, Pop Evil. Be sure to see Pop Evil's special salute to Scott below, too!
10 Intense Onstage Tirades
Tirade: A long, angry speech of criticism or accusation. No matter who you're going to see, concerts are always extremely unpredictable. So even though we all want to crush your phone when you raise it up in our line of sight, sometimes an unforgettable moment is captured...

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