Are You Ready for the Peanuts/Charlie Brown Reboot?
Because, it’s a-coming. It’s the reboot NO one was asking for. My kids only know Snoopy as a shill for MetLife. I loved Peanuts when I was a kid but I have zero interest in seeing a computer-animated 3-D update. Who exactly is the audience for this movie?
Annabelle Visits The KLAQ Morning Show
The incredibly creepy Annabelle doll stopped by the KLAQ Morning Show, with Tony Amendola, who plays Father Perez in the 'Annabelle' movie and Salvador, a Cuandero. Yes, Annabelle needs a Cuandero, that's a spiritual healer, to help those who feel distressed in her presence.
Captain America Pet Peeves
The Captain America movie came out in movies recently and here are somethings about Captain America that you probably didn't know about.

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