Time Traveling At 88 Miles Per Hour!
In 1985 I was in 4th grade and just got dropped off at the movies with my best friend. Now came the hard decision of either Pee Wee's Big Adventure or Back To The Future.
I think you know which one we decided on. Everyone and their momma has seen this movie of time traveling, so I was glad the d…
Alamo Drafthouse Honors Women
The coolest theater in El Paso has put together another killer series of classic movies. This time, all the movies feature strong and dynamic female lead characters!
Bad Deadpool / Good Deadpool!!
Now I'm not one who ever got into comics, and super hero's and such. Superman has and will always be my favorite, but last year another crime fighting smart mouth came into my life! Ladies and gentleman I give you Dead Pool!
A loveable sort who in his real life is a hired hit man named …

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