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‘Total Recall’ Trailer! [Video]
Getting ready for Aug 3rd! The new Total Recall hits movie theatres!
Just don't know if Collin Farrell can cut it as Quaid! Hope Arnold doesn't come looking to kick his ass!
I wonder if they'll still have the bar scene with the alien chick that has 3  BIG......drinks in her ha…
Hey Look Kids! It’s The New Amazing Spider-man Trailer! [Video]
Colombia Pictures has just released the second full trailer for the upcoming "The Amazing Spider-man" movie. In this second trailer we finally get to the villain in the movie, and it's the Lizard!
The movie comes out on July 3rd and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin She…
Wrath of the Titans Trailer. [Video]
this looks wicked! I loved Clash of the Titans, one of my favorite movies. I can't wait for this flick to come out in march 3D. (fml)...oooh, i love that they use Manson's 'Sweet Dreams' in the trailer, very cool!
‘Rock of Ages’ Trailer. [Video]
The trailer for the '80s jukebox musical "Rock of Ages" gives some members of its all-star cast ample face time -- mainly Alec Baldwin and Catherine Zeta-Jones -- while appearing to down play others, most notably Tom Cruise.

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