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Kiss Needs A Vet!
No, Gene doesn't have rabies.  We're talking Veterans here!  Now that you're done with the U.S. Army, the KISS army wants you!!
Motley Crue + Kiss Promise Real Rock and Roll on ‘The Tour’
Everyone in the rock community is talking about the upcoming tour that Motley Crue and Kiss will embark on this summer. Billed simply as ‘The Tour,’ it’s going to be quite a spectacle, since both bands are known for “bringing it” in the live realm and having massive stage set ups. The bands did prom…
Motley Crue Ready to Have ‘Sex’
Motley Crue are gearing up for ‘Sex.’ Not that kind of sex, so if your mind is camped out in the gutter, shame on you. It’s the title of the band’s newest single, which bassist Nikki Sixx insists sounds like classic Crue.
Motley Crue + Kiss Set to Unveil Details of Joint Tour
If the news that Motley Crue and Kiss are planning to embark on a tour this summer pretty much made your life when we reported it earlier this week, then more good news appears to be coming your way. Both bands have posted tickers at the top of their respective homepages, presumably counting down th…
Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee Mourns Loss of Mother
Sad news to report from the Motley Crue camp. Tommy Lee‘s mother, Vassiliki “Voula” Papadimitriou, has passed away. Details of how or when the drummer’s mother died have not been made public, but Lee informed his fans of his loss via a series of tweets from his personal Twitt…

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