Hottie Goes Off On Peyton Manning In Epic Rant!
I think it fair to say that nobody expected Peyton Manning to play as horrible as he did this past Sunday in Super Bowl 48.
So what happens when you mix a hot Broncos fan drinking wine and watching Peyton play like hell? You get one epic rant.
That Will Do Takes On The Big Game And Asks — Why?
Why? Why did we keep watching the Seahawks pound on the Broncos? Why do the Red Hot Chili Peppers still go shirtless? Why is there a disturbing image of Buzz Adams and Mark Mathis in this video? These and other questions were on my mind after sitting through all eleventy-billion hours of The Big Ga…
Fat Guy Loses His Mind While Watching The Royal Rumble
This past Sunday the WWE held it's Royal Rumble pay per view. The winner of the Royal Rumble match was Dave Batista who made his return to the ring in epic form.
I'm not gonna lie to you though, I was very upset that fan favorite Daniel Brian didn't get to compete in the Royal Rumble m…

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