You Can Be In The New Star Wars Movie!
Get ready my fellow geeks as you have a chance to be in the new Star Wars movie. J.J. Abrams is the director of "Star Wars Episode Seven," and they're offering fans a chance to be in the new movie.
Game Of Thrones + Super Mario World = Awesome!
It no secret the Buzz and Lisa are big fans of the HBO show "Game of Thrones." Not only does the show have a cult following, it also has a very memorable theme song. Another thing that has always been popular is the epic video game "Super Mario World."
What If Godzilla Could Talk?
As everybody is flocking to the movie theaters to see the remake of "Godzilla" I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if we knew what the big lizard was thinking as he destroys the buildings in whichever city he is in.
If You Work Out, You Need To Drink Some Protein!
As everybody knows, I love to workout.  And if you want to get the best out of a workout, you need to eat protein, a lot of protein. So check out this video that makes fun of guys like me that spend hours at the gym. It's a parody of The Chainsmokers' song "#SELFIE"
You can see the video be…
Watch the El Paso Rhinos Dominate Idaho to Claim Thorne Cup
Kind of like this post, the El Paso Rhinos saved the best for last.
Following a pair of by-the-skin-of-their-teeth wins over the Idaho Jr. Steelheads and Texas Brahmas and a come-from-behind effort against the Phoenix Knights in the round-robin first round, plus a 4-3 thriller over Phoenix in the sem…
Breaking Bad in Burque: We Went to Walter White’s House
My daughter, Amanda, was the one who got me hooked on "Breaking Bad", so when we headed up to my hometown for a volleyball tournament, I promised her we'd do a "Breaking Bad" pilgrimage of sorts, capped off by a visit to Heisenberg's House.
Turns out, som…
Dog Takes A Poop During A Soccer Match
This probably one of the funniest videos that I've seen in a long time. In Argentina, during a soccer match in Rosario Central-River Plate was interrupted for several minutes by an adorable dog who evaded security and decided to take a poop on the field. I guess when you gotta go, you gott…

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