People Vs Winter-Who Ya Got? [Video]
It's no secret that snow and ice  is my sports car's kryptonite.  Yeah for some reason convertibles don't do well in winter. Check out this video compilation filled with ice-induced pavement pile-ups, out of control vehicles, winter wipeouts, and a smattering of death defier…
Hilarious Cycling Epic Fail [Video]
This will probably be the best 6 seconds you'll spend on the internet today.  Check out this video in which a girl takes a nasty fall as she is talking and cycling at the same time. Clearly some people just weren’t born to multitask.
Ron Jeremy and Jade Simone St. Clair to Host Q-Rotica
February the 8th at Club Lotus the 2013 Q-rotica will be hosted by Jade Simone St. Clair and Ron Jeremy. Here are a couple videos of of Mistress and Master of Ceremonies along with a couple quick personal anecdotes I can share with you about each.
Click below for the video and the rest of the post...

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