AUDIO: Thanksgiving Song 2012
Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song is now 20 years old. He does updated versions every few years but we feel it's a tradition that needs a yearly update.
So, using not only his song but also his singing style, here is our 2012 version of The Thanksgiving Song...
AUDIO: The Great Nostradumbass
Twinkies, Ho-Ho's and Ding Dongs...hmm, what could all three of those things have in common?
Click to the next page for that answer and for all the audio from our most recent visit from the Great Nostradumbass....
AUDIO: Zombie Apocalypse Thanksgiving Episode 1
Nothing says Thanksgiving like catching up with a Walking Dead Marathon on AMC. Oh, and the food, of course.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. The turkey! The stuffing! The....braiiiiiins.
Click below to hear the audio from "Zombie Apocalypse Thanksgiving: Episode 1&q…
Some Of My Favorite Morning Show Bits [Opinion/Audio]
Tomorrow we are going to be doing the KLAQ Morning Show live from L&J Cafe next to Concordia Cemetery from 6 am to 10 am. It's Buzz's 20th year doing the KLAQ Morning Show.
We'll have the brand new Best of The Morning Show CD there for only $10. All the profits go to benef…
Stripper On Stripper Violence! The True Crime Report [Audio]
Time for another True Crime Report.  On today's report: we learn that violent crimes in America have gone up, Drinking beer helps build bones and man gets arrested for 2 DUI's.
Earlier this week, we learned about triplet playboy models who were involved in a fight and we were…
AUDIO-The KLAQ Stripper Poll: Election 2012
With up-to-the-second Decision 2012 coverage, we sent Fernie out to ask local exotic dancers how they planned on voting. Were happy to present the results here (you can hear the audio, below) and hopefully it will help you with this year's, I mean ELECTION!!

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