AUDIO: What’s the Difference???
Once a week we play a game called "What's the Difference???".  I'll give you two items and see if you can spot the subtle differences.
For example:
What's the difference between a restaurant and a whorehouse?
To find out the answer to that one and many more, click …
(AUDIO) “I Know the REAL Reason(s) the Pope Resigned!!”
In the first time since before Columbus was even born, the Pope has decided to resign. There's a lot of speculation over who will be the next Pope and many people think he might be African or South America...both scenarios, I imagine, which would horrify Mel Gibson.
There's also a lot of conjecture o…
(AUDIO) Torturing Telemarketers: Bedroom Remodeling
Here's another Torturing Telemarketers call. A couple things to note while listening to this one.
1.) The telemarketer puts his supervisor on to help and the supervisor's English is way worse than the first guy's.
2.) The supervisor ends the pitch by saying "All I can do is pra…
(AUDIO) What’s The Difference?!?
What's the difference between The Super Bowl and the Miss America Pageant?
See if you can guess correctly and play along!
You can hear the audio from today's "What's the Difference" by clicking on read more, below...
(AUDIO) Nostradumbass: Super Bowl Re-Cap Edition
It seemed like all of his feats of pre-cognition had a theme today...The Super Bowl!
Listen as the Great Nostradumbass once again amazes us with his uncanny psychic abilities.
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