Sounds of the Game: Week 1
All the teams have played now so the 2012-13 season is officially underway!
Time to resume "Sounds of the Game"---comments that sound really dirty but aren't.  Here's the best from MNF.
To hear the audio, click on the jump, below...
DIALING FOR DINGBATS: The Worst Telemarketer Ever
Seriously. Usually, the humorous element of this is when our guy John/Hank/Mr. Spagnoli torments the poor telemarketer. In this one, it's the bizarre, hobo-sounding telemarketer that rattles us!
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NOSTRADUMBAS: Pee Wee Herman and Clint Eastwood? (audio)
In case you missed it this morning, we recorded today's visit from the Great Nostradumbass. Of course, Nostradumbass is the wise and mystic sage from the Mysterious East. I call it the "Mysterious" East because I have no idea what lies out past Joe Battle. Anyway, follow the p…

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