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Why Do KLAQ Morning Show Meetings Last So Long? Zombies. [VIDEO]
Believe it or not, the KLAQ Morning Show has staff meetings, like everyone else. And, like everyone else, our meetings last waaaayyy tooooo looooong because SOMEBODY (ahem -- Buzz!) loves to talk. But, unlike everyone else, the topics of discussion that keep us in the conference room are pretty...di…
Buzz Is Hungover At Q Staff Meeting
So Buzz didn't show up to work today because he said he was "sick." I said that he was hungover from having a great time from the night before.
Well Buzz actually showed up to the staff meeting today and decided to take a nap during it. Check out the photographic evidence

What’s the Difference?!?!
It's time for "What's the Difference?!?!"...the exciting morning show game that asks..."What's the Difference?!?!!"
Click the jump below, and then see if you can spot the differences!

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