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Annabelle Visits The KLAQ Morning Show
The incredibly creepy Annabelle doll stopped by the KLAQ Morning Show, with Tony Amendola, who plays Father Perez in the 'Annabelle' movie and Salvador, a Cuandero. Yes, Annabelle needs a Cuandero, that's a spiritual healer, to help those who feel distressed in her presence.
Father Calls 911 After Beating His Son’s Alleged Rapist
A man in Daytona, Florida will not be charged for beating his son's babysitter to a bloody pulp. He walked in on 18-year-old, Raymond Frolander sexually assaulting his 11-year-old son. He called 911 to send an ambulance because he left the babysitter "nice and knocked out on the floor&…
Stone Sour Superfan Stalks the KLAQ Studio
This morning on the KLAQ Morning Show, we gave away tickets for the Stone Sour concert at Tricky Falls, to the lucky winners of our comic book quiz. One guy couldn't get through on the phone lines, so he decided to run over to the studio from the Sun Bowl.
More Submissions For KLAQ’s Half-Assed Christmas Light Contest
If you are driving around El Paso and happen to see a house that has been decorated for Christmas with little effort, send it to us for a chance to win some sweet prizes! We only have a few submissions so you have a pretty good chance to win the grand prize of $100, Sun Bowl tickets and KLAQ T-Shirt…

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