Moron Tattoos Murder Confession On His Own Chest
In January of 2004, a 23-year-old man was gunned down in front of a liquor store in Los Angeles.  Police believed it was a gang-related shooting, but they were never able to find the murderer, and the case went cold.
Now, seven years later, the L.A.P.D. has finally solved the case, almost entire…
Happy “Birthday” Fernie!
It's 4-20, which means it's Fernie's "birthday", and he's celebrating with his own personalized cake! Perfect for when he gets hungry later. Just don't expect him to share any.
[VIDEO] String Quartet Performs with iPads!
Wanna play violin, viola, cello or bass? There's a freaking app for that! Buzz has an iPad to go along with his iPhone. He harps on their virtues constantly. We should call him iBuzz. That said, this is undeniably cool. The name of the app is Smule, and you can read more here.
[VIDEO] Scott’s Animated Rant
Ah, we all remember this, don't we? Scott really got animated when he went after the KLAQ Morning Show for leaving all the Half-Off Store food in the news room (even though it wasn't "their" food to begin with, but did get messy). So, what's the next logical step? Make it REALLY a…
Sure Doesn’t Sound Like Happy Feet to Us
Your "warm-fuzzy-what-the-hell-IS-THAT?!" moment of the day. A penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo "giggles" when you tickle its tummy...if you call a sound like one of Duke's old cars starting up in the morning laughter.
When Harry Met Sally, Mistress of the Night
Mike Tyson says, "We gotta kill us some mother(bleeping) grampires!"  Yeah, this skit doesn't quite go the way you think it's going to go. It's called "When Harry Met Sally 2," and it stars Tyson, Billy Crystal, Helen Mirren, and…
World’s Greatest…Dad? Nope. Red Sox Fan? Meh.
A guy proved what a big Red Sox fan he is and what a horrible dad he is at the same time. His young son said he loves the Yankees, not the Red Sox, and his dad gave him a really hard time about it and made him CRY. Then eventually the dad said, "You're gonna have to find a new place to…
Cartoons, and All Of These Things
A trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's upcoming animated series about a superhero called "The Governator" has popped up online, even though both Governator projects won't be out until sometime next year. The clip features a cameo by an animated Larry King, who's out working the beat as a fi…
Geraldo On…Make That IN Crossfire!
Geraldo Rivera and his camera crew got caught in some crossfire in Libya on Sunday, and they got it all on camera. In the video, you can see Geraldo running for cover, then ducking down while guns and mortars are being fired. Luckily . . . or, unluckily . . . he and his crew were unharmed.
The moral …
Too Bad Charlie Sheen Couldn’t Have Just Played This
Charlie Sheen got booed off stage in Chicago. His "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour is turning out to be the "Passive Wet Noodle of BS" tour. But his video's not bad -- a spin-off of his weird 20/20 interview. Some uncomfortable canned moments. Kind of pathetic reaches for jokes. U…
Gus Johnson & Bill Raftery Do Up the Cup
Englishman Ian Darke's "Go-Go, USA!" goal call of Landon Donovan's stoppage time winner that lifted the US over Algeria in World Cup 2010 will live forever as one of the classic calls in American sports. But if US Soccer ever starts looking for some American excitement, l…

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