Metallica Post HD Video of Full Antarctica Gig
Earlier this month, Metallica became the first band to play seven different continents in one year with their show in Antarctica. Now the band has made HD video footage of the entire 'Freeze 'Em All: Live in Antarctica' concert available via their YouTube channel (watch above).
Metallica Confirm December Gig in Antarctica
Yesterday (Oct. 23), news spread that Metallica were apparently planning to play a gig in Antarctica. Today, Metallica have confirmed that it will indeed happen on Dec. 8. As outlandish as it sounds, there's no argument that Metallica is the exact band to embark on such a voyage. Furthermore, Metall…
Metallica Planning to Perform in Antarctica?!
Are Metallica planning to perform a concert in Antarctica??? According to Coca-Cola Zero, not only will Metallica be transported to the icy continent to play a gig, but one lucky winner and a guest of their choice will witness the groundbreaking performance in person.

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