Guy Tries Out to Be Denver Broncos Cheerleader [VIDEO]
Sacha Heppell admits it -- he used to have a job standing on street corners as a business mascot. To make people notice him, he started dancing. Now he wants to be in the big-time. Broadway? Vegas? The cast of "Glee"? Nope. Denver Broncos cheerleader...Hey, a dream has to start som…
Man Robs Salon For Hair Extensions [VIDEO]
Here’s a tip to all you would be salon robbers out there: after you clear out the cash register, don’t waste your time demanding coins and hair extensions for your girl.  It could get you caught.
Man Calls 911 on Prostitutes Who Refused Him Sex
A hot threesome with two beautiful women while everyone is under a drug-induced thrall is commonly cited as a male fantasy. Jerry Streng tried to live that dream, but quickly discovered the Sophomoric adage is true: all great plans won’t get you laid but they might get you screwed.
Bikini Robbers Thwarted By Man on Crutches
William Joseph Knowles had fractured his shin and was hobbling around Hollywood, Fla. on crutches last week when two women approached, one in nothing but a bikini. “Finally,” he thought “this injury is going to work in my favor.” Nope. They tried to mug him.

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