Making a Murderer

‘Making a Murderer’ Attorneys’ Tour Coming to Texas
The defense team featured on the Netflix series Making a Murderer, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, are coming to Texas as part of a tour in which they'll engage in conversation about the case featured on the series, as well as discuss the broader topic of the American criminal justice system.
My Verdict After 7 Episodes of ‘Making a Murderer’
I checked in last week after three episodes and said I was almost certain the Steven "I don't own underwear" Avery was guilty. The victims car is found in his salvage yard. Her remains are right outside his house in a burn pit. What else do they need to find, the victims car key in hi…
After 3 Episodes of Making a Murderer, I’m Pretty Sure He Did It
If you haven't already, get ready to overhear people talking about a murder that happened in Wisconsin in 2005. You may overhear if from co-workers at the coffee machine, the next table over at Chili's or even in the halls at school. The reason everyone is talking about a murder that happe…