Wife Throws Temper Tantrum Over Not Going to the Lake
One man finally had enough of his wife temper tantrums when he decided to record he screaming and kicking in the passenger seat of his truck because he wouldn’t take her to the lake. Not surprisingly, after he posted the video on Youtube and showed the world, his 30-year-old wife, Whitney…
This YouTube Love Serenade Is Painfully Awkward
“Everything I do, I do it for you,” sings Bryan Adams in his notoriously sappy smash hit of the same name.
YouTube user THASSLEHOFF seconds that emotion, choosing the Robin Hood movie theme to serenade a fair maiden named Emily.
THASSLEHOFF preempted the inevitable criticism of his thin, t…
Cat Loves Dog – Teresa’s Aww! Of The Day [VIDEO]
Now why can't we all get along like this?  I wonder if these two grew up together, or if they are just so calm and easy going that they don't care that they are supposed to hate each other and instead are best friends?  If you are looking for a new best friend, contact the Humane…

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