10 Words People Need To Stop Using in 2012
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Every year, Merriam-Webster adds a few ridiculous, flavor-of-the-minute words like 'bootylicious,' 'McJob,' and any non-existent words that Sarah Palin used in a speech to their dictionary. We decided to do the opposite and eliminate the ten words that annoyed us the …
10 Ridiculous Claims By Kim Jong Il That North Korea Actually Believes
Earlier this week, news broke that Korean dictator Kim Jong Il passed away due to a heart attack, and everyone besides North Korea pretty much rejoiced. Jong Il was a pretty cruel leader, but thanks to the insane propaganda that was spread around North Korea his people believed some crazy thing…
Top 10 List Explains Why There Are So Many Top 10 Lists
Top 10 lists used to be the domain of David Letterman and the FBI’s Most Wanted, but they’re now popping up on the internet with the frequency of Subway restaurants on street corners. There are so many lists, in fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to it.
What’s behind…