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Moron Tattoos Murder Confession On His Own Chest
In January of 2004, a 23-year-old man was gunned down in front of a liquor store in Los Angeles.  Police believed it was a gang-related shooting, but they were never able to find the murderer, and the case went cold.
Now, seven years later, the L.A.P.D. has finally solved the case, almost entire…
Another Guilty Pleasure…
Thank God for the DVR!  There are so many shows I love on Sunday night that the DVR has become my best friend.  What did we do before it?!!!  Oh yeah, the VCR, which could only record ONE show at a time.  The wonderful DVR allows me to watch not one, but two shows that are o…
[VIDEO] The Force Is Strong With This One. But Which Side?
Sariah Gallego goes to Disneyland and is chosen to join the Jedi Academy and fight Darth Vader. But Sariah has other plans for her life. Like pledging allegiance to the Emporer! She bows to Darth Vader and joins the Dark Side in front of everyone. Keep your eye on this girl!
Happy “Birthday” Fernie!
It's 4-20, which means it's Fernie's "birthday", and he's celebrating with his own personalized cake! Perfect for when he gets hungry later. Just don't expect him to share any.
Happy Easter!
I found this video of a four legged duck just in time for Easter!  His duck friends don't care he's a bit of a freak, just wish all people could be the same!
Happy Easter to all!
Beautiful El Paso Weather
We may complain about the ugly winds in El Paso, but we are very blessed with the weather we have.   I am amazed at how calm the guy in this video is, considering the destruction taking place.  So what's a little wind?
[VIDEO] Scott’s Animated Rant
Ah, we all remember this, don't we? Scott really got animated when he went after the KLAQ Morning Show for leaving all the Half-Off Store food in the news room (even though it wasn't "their" food to begin with, but hey...it did get messy). So, what's the next logical step? Make it REALLY a…
Sure Doesn’t Sound Like Happy Feet to Us
Your "warm-fuzzy-what-the-hell-IS-THAT?!" moment of the day. A penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo "giggles" when you tickle its tummy...if you call a sound like one of Duke's old cars starting up in the morning laughter.

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