radioPup Mobile App Now Available for Android
radioPup, the only mobile app that lets you to listen to KLAQ, is now available for Android users! Starting now, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android users can listen to The Q anytime, anywhere, for free.
You can download radioPup and learn more about the app on our mobile app page. You can also…
radioPup – Listen to KLAQ on Our New Mobile App
Great news, KLAQ fans — there’s a revolution happening in radio and you’re a part of it. No longer do you need a radio to listen to the radio. With our brand new radioPup app you can listen to The Q all day, anytime, anywhere, for free — directly on your smart phone.
The free radioPup app is now avai…
[VIDEO] String Quartet Performs with iPads!
Wanna play violin, viola, cello or bass? There's a freaking app for that! Buzz has an iPad to go along with his iPhone. He harps on their virtues constantly. We should call him iBuzz. That said, this is undeniably cool. The name of the app is Smule, and you can read more here.