Man Drinks A Bottle Of Vodka In 15 Seconds
‘Shoenice22′ is a YouTube star who consumes strange products, like a bottle of sunscreen, or normal products in a strange manner, like a dozen raw eggs and shells. In his latest video, ShoeNice drinks a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds. Watch (and
Escaped Prisoner Caught When He Knocks on Guard’s Door
There’s a reason men don’t like to ask for help.
A prisoner who escaped from the Olympic Corrections Center in Washington State was captured Wednesday after he knocked on the door of a resort cabin in the woods, only to find out a guard who works at the facility was renting it.
The Time Changed? Again??
It always gets dark earlier in winter, everyone knows that, but; today it seemed to get dark wayyy early. I mean stupid early. 
Today I was actually starting to think maybe the time had changed again. (Which in and of itself is another awesome argument against flipping the clocks back and f…