This Dancer’s Butt Has To Be Seen To Be Believed [VIDEO]
About a week ago, folks started to notice that the lady dancer in this four month old video of a random dance performance in Brazil has probably THE FINEST BOTTOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, causing the clip to go viral.
As you will see, not only does the woman in question have a perfectly shaped ba…
Kacy – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Kacy, a Canadian Suicide Girl who enjoys vinyl, lingerie, candlelight and cute animals and says she can't live without cheese and water.
Learn more about this northern babe and check out photos after the jump.
Phecda – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Phecda, a Suicide Girl from the States who loves dinosaurs, donuts and zombies and tears up when animals die in movies.
Learn more about Phecda and check out photos after the jump.
World’s Tallest Model May Pose for Playboy [VIDEO]
Being a tall guy, this is something I can totally get in to!  Amazon Eve, who at 6 '8 is the world's tallest model, is thinking about posing nude for Playboy.
Besides modeling, the 31-year-old, born Erika Ervin, also works a fitness trainer, a wrestler and a dominatrix.
According to Amazon Eve, the on…
WTF? Apparently Drunk Grammys Reporter
I wanna work where she works! She's hot, and it looks like she likes to drink!
Sign me up!
UPDATE: There was rumor she had a stroke on the air, but was cleared by paramedics and sent home.  So, I'm back to my drinking at work theory.
UPDATE 2: Apparently CBS has decided no one should be …
Russell Brand Was a Chub in High School
English comedian and Katy Perry's squeeze, Russell Brand, looks like he's been on the heroin diet. Well, judging from this picture of Russell in his school daze, he's been on some kind of diet...
And now, he sleeps with this woman...