Is This the Best Jock Halloween Costume Ever? [PHOTO]
We saw some great homemade Halloween costumes at the KLAQ Halloween Parade, but this one might qualify for one of the best costume ideas I've ever seen. It definitely takes the cake in the jock world. Meet Paralympic skier Josh Sundquist. Josh has only one leg, but he makes the most of it -- as…
31 Days of Horror Films for Halloween Day 31 – The Thing
Seeing as it's Halloween, I guess I can do more scary movies, right? There are so many great films out there, it's impossible to list them all, nor are all of them good. But this movie really deserves mention, since the scene with the dogs really messed me up for a couple days.
Halloween Myths or Are They?
Some Halloween myths have been around for many years. Mostly, they are a warning for  children that go trick-or-treating at night, but do some of them have merit?
Here's just a few:
▪              &n…

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