Go Beneath The Chaos For Halloween
There is soooo much to do this Halloween in El Chuco! The Q Halloween Parade, The Q Haunted House ... a wide variety of parties I'm sure ... and the absolute loudest metal Halloween party ever!
Americans Want to be Haunted By Abraham Lincoln
According to a new survey by Nielsen Entertainment released by the television network Destination America, 79% of Americans believe in ghosts. If you think people are crazy for believing in ghost, you will think they are insane for choosing Abraham Lincoln over a busty babe to haunt them.
Jigsaw is a Roomate From Hell
I always hear terrible stories from friends about living with roommates. Their complaints usually consists of problems involving their roommates eating all the food, leave their trash everywhere or are always having loud sex. They should be happy they don't have a roommate like Jigsaw!
The Monster Mash/Walking Dead Sing-Along
Here's a video to get you into the Halloween spirit. Thanks to some clever editing, check out this great video of the cast of The Walking Dead singing a zombie smashing rendition of “Monster Mash.”
Black Cats Are In Danger On Halloween
Cats can be jerks but they are loving animals, when they get what they want. For years, people have used Halloween as an excuse to kill black cats for sacrifices, superstitions and even just for fun. There is an actual history behind this cat killing madness.
Halloween Pretty Zombie Make-Up Tips
Halloween is coming around the corner and the majority of people I hear talking about their costumes are trying to do something zombie related. Well, there are a lot of ways to do your make-up, but here are videos of how to make those amazing zombie gashes on your faces ladies!
Women Can Turn Anything Into a Sexy Halloween Costume
Halloween is creeping around the corner. Stores have already set up huge displays of sexy costumes for women to choose from. I expect to see the typical sexy nurse, cop and bunny but you never really know these days because women really can turn any idea into a sexy costume.

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