Gary Moore Died in Spain
Guitar legend Gary Moore was found dead in his hotel in Spain today. He was on vacation in Costa del Sol, and apparently passed away sometime this morning.
Time to go to San Diego!
Gibson guitars has a cool thing for people in Chicago, and it's spreading to other Hard Rock Hotels, like San Diego.
You check in at the Hard Rock Hotel, and for no additional cost (supposedly) you can get a "top of the line" Gibson guitar, pocket POD and some headphones t…
Own Eddie’s Famous Axes!
If you're a big Van Halen fan, heck even if you're not, you know these guitars.
Some of the most distinctive "Frankenstein" guitars can now be mini-form!
These miniature guitars are stunning pieces of rock and roll history...
Korn Guitarist Recording With Deadly Apples
Check out this YouTube video of Munky from Korn laying down some guitar tracks for a couple of songs on the upcoming Deadly Apples CD.  They've shared the stage a few times with Korn, including their appearance at the Heavy MTL festival in Montreal...
Top 10 Riffs Of The 80’s
Gibson has been compiling a list of the best riffs from the 80's and have put out their list of the 10 "most totally awesome" riffs of the decade:
10. RUSH - "Limelight":
"Sharing trio space with one of the best bass players on the planet and probably …