Another Goat Making Crazy Sounds
Goats make so many different noises I'm beginning to think they're actually trying to communicate with humans. Seriously, they scream, they moan ... this latest one ... warbles?
Goat Rapist Sentenced to 10-Years in Prison
He’s been a baaaaaaaad, baaaad boy!
That is exactly what one goat from Kenya would have said to a judge last week if she would have been able to talk.
However, regardless of the communication gap between man and beast, prosecutors thought it was a good idea to bring a goat into court on Friday t…
A Goat Doing A Chicken Impression [Video]
First we had all those video of goats that sound like humans, so how bout a video of a goat that sounds like a chicken.
Check out this video making the rounds online of a goat that sounds exactly like a chicken.