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Nothing Says Halloween Like ……. Zombie Hotties!! [PHOTOS]
Happy Halloween everyone!  I'm keeping my Zombie theme going today!! Remember the hardware store having the  sale on Zombie survival stuff?  The special Zombie ammo you should stock up on?  Now, before you take all the little Zombies out tonight for candy…
The Best Places To Go For A Haunted Holiday!
Some people like romantic getaways, some people love the great outdoors, some folks plan their trips around sporting events.  With Halloween right around the corner, why not use that down time to get creeped out?
The Coolest Hot Wheels Track Ever! [VIDEO]
When I was a kid, I was more into electric trains and motorcycles than hot wheels.  But I have to admit, THIS is pretty sweet!!
Maybe he could work a train into this later on.  Have the car jump the train, or (better yet) have the train hit the car...

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