One Of The Craziest Catfights You Will See [Video]
Check out this awesome video of a crazy catfight that breaks out outside of a club in Houston.  It has the perfect blend of  hair pulling, screaming, swearing, and wardrobe malfunctioning that you ask for in a video.
Plus there's a guy that starts to threaten everybody after the fight.…
[VIDEO] Horse Herpes Has Rodeo Queens Picking Up a New Hobby
There's an outbreak of equine herpes going around the U.S. right now. People can’t get it, but it can be deadly for horses. So, instead of canceling a children’s rodeo event in Utah last Thursday, the organizers came up with the worst idea ever: They had girls compete by riding HO…
Kraven – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Kraven, an American Suicide Girl who digs mythology, rocking out and painting and hates when people aren't honest with her and getting up early. The beauty sleep is obviously working for this babe.
Ackley – Suicide Girl of the Day
Meet Ackley, a Californian Suicide Girl who digs skateboards, knows her amendments and listens religiously to NPR. While this babe is certainly worthy of sinking your teeth into, be careful, she lists "Santa Clara vampires" as one of the things she hates.
Phecda – Suicide Girl Of The Day
Meet Phecda, a Suicide Girl from the States who loves dinosaurs, donuts and zombies and tears up when animals die in movies.
Learn more about Phecda and check out photos after the jump.

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