5 Types of Girls All Guys Fear
Guys know all of the different kinds of women out there, and we always keep an open eye for the ones we should avoid, just as women know to avoid certain types of guys.
My Hiney’s Experience! [Pics]
Friday is ALWAYS a great day!
A) Because it's the start of the weekend and
B) Because I got to eat some AWESOME grub @ Hiney's Restaurant, 8220 Gateway East (Exit Lomalonad!)
Today, my friends and I ate a Border burger and a Cheesy Hiney!! (Full Menu Here!!!)
Remember, ladies, every Friday night I will …
Hiney’s “Hiney” Of The Week! [Pic]
OK, FREAKS! We already have the Local Boobs of the Day, but I myself, am a HINEY man! So, I am looking for the Hiney's 'Hiney' of the Week! Send a pic of YOUR HINEY in short shorts, tight pants, spandex, bikini bottoms or boy shorts to
How To Get A Woman To Touch Your Crotch. [Video]
This one goes out to the guys that have been playing D&D, drinking cool-aid and READING all of the Harry Potter books!!
If this is you, then you know what it's like to have a girl NOT touch your 'junk'. 
Take a few minutes to listen and learn!
 Adjust your coke bot…

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