Five More Fast Food Items That Use Yoga Mat Chemical In Bread
In the past week, Subway has announced they will be removing a chemical in their bread, azodicarbonamide, that's also used to create yoga mats. This fast food restaurant who promotes a healthy diet, is working on fixing the problem and others are being accused of using the same chemical. Here a…
Ultimate Stadium Food Idea for the El Paso Chihuahuas
With all the arguing that goes on about the El Paso Ballpark, why not argue about something fun? When is someone going to bring up the food that will be served during games? I want to be the first to pitch an idea to make a unique item that the El Paso Chihuahuas will be famous for and I want your h…
Short On Cash? Ideas To Make Ramen Noodles More Interesting!
I know that after after paying my bills, getting groceries and Christmas presents I am running a little short on cash. I feel that there are more people out there who are feeling the same way this month. Because of this, here are some ways you can make the "I'm broke diet" sta…
How Bad Is Bacon For You?
Everyone loves bacon, or at least every real American does. But I found this video that shocks you that bacon is actually pretty terrible for you. After watching this video, do you still want a thick slab of bacon?

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