How Old Were You When You Discovered Rock N’ Roll?
I was five years old when I discovered rock n roll, and that memory has never left me. Everybody has a first time for everything but this obsession has become a career, my favorite so far!
The power music has is one of the most insane feelings you could ever open yourself up to spiritually...
Remembering My First El Paso Street Festival In 2009!
It seems like just yesterday I was experiencing the sight, sounds, and smells of my first El Paso Downtown Street Festival! Some of it good, some bad but over all the spectacle of the biggest party to hit downtown was rocking!
The year was 2009 and I had never had a job like this one...
Don’t Forget To Write!
Ok, since living in the Sun City for almost 8 and a half years I've noticed that we get skipped over on concerts and other entertainment. There are a ton of artists that I know we should be enjoying so what gives? Now don't get me wrong but working here at the Q and being a fan I sometimes…
Kids Fiesta Saturday
KCOS is sponsoring their annual PBS Kids Fiesta Saturday at the Southwest University Events Center, 6500 Montana.

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